LMODroid is an AOSP-based mobile OS aiming to ease transition to de-googled(*) Android use-cases, while also supporting using Google services. Additionally, we want to make everyday experience better with useful features

*The term de-googled is complicated, as AOSP by itself is by Google. We aim to reduce Google's data collection on mobile devices and make active efforts to remove contacts to Google servers and document more regarding this topic, but we value application compatibility over total Google avoidance.

Quick look of some features we provide:


Desktop Mode

Powerful desktop experience from your phone

App Lock

Lock away sensitive information with extra protection

Game Space

Dashboard providing UI for the Android Game Mode API

MicroG or GMS

Full compatibility with microG or official Google Play Services

Parallel Spaces

Allow running multiple instances of the same application in parallel.

Glide Keyboard

Gesture Typing on AOSP keyboard

Sounds UX


Per SIM Ringtone,

Per App Volume

Hotspot manager

List connected devices and block connections


Backup and Restore Solution for Application data to Cloud or Drive

Neo Wellbeing

Solution for controlling your digital habits

(Coming soon)


Scrambled PIN input, Custom Patten size, USB Port Control, Enforced SELinux, DNS and Connectivity Check Servers, Global VPN on all users, Background Data switch, App Hide, Panic Trigger and more


Personalization with Full Control over Fonts, Colors and UI customizations and Redesigned AOSP apps


Three Finger Swipe to screenshot, Pocket Mode, Ambient Display, LockScreen Shortcuts and more


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